Yunel Escobar is under alot of heat after coming out Saturday night of the clubhouse with a homophobic phrase written on his black eye. Yunel Escobar plays for the Toronto Blue Jays, they were the opens who suspended Escobar. Escobar said he wrote the message 10 minutes before Saturday’s home game on his eye-black, a sticker players wear under their eyes to reduce sun glare. Escobar has written words in Spanish before on his black eye and never recieved heat like this from it. Tuesday while in New York Escobar had to face the heat from the media. He said, ”to all those who have been offended” for what he said was meant to be ”just a joke.” 

”For us, it doesn’t have the significance to the way it’s being interpreted now,” he said. ”It’s a word without a meaning.”

”I don’t have anything against homosexuals,” he said, adding he didn’t mean for the term to be ”misinterpreted” by the gay community.

My Views: Now the Blue Jays have several bilingual Latino players and two of the team officials speak both Spanish and English, I do not understand why one of them didn’t stop Escobar before he went out there. So I hold the team accountable as well. I think that the apology from Escobar was just one of those “I’m sorry” to get people to shut up. This is a clear demonstration of his maturity level. Although I think a three game suspension is not good enough there is very few his team can do. I don’t feel infuriated by his choice of words, he is being punished by not having a post-season because he is too busy fooling around with black eye rather then hitting balls.