My goal for this website has always been to teach people how to understand baseball “talk” and be able to hold a discussion on the sport. Here is a little informative article I’ve drafted up with a quick run down about the Cy Young award, and how it came about.

The Cy Young Award is a annual award given in the MLB. It is award given to a pitcher who has had a outstanding season. It is the MVP ( most valuable player) for the pitchers in the league. It was created to honor the best pitcher. 

Denton True “Cy” Young was a pitcher in the league from (1890-1911) he played 22 years in the major leagues creating records that still to this day no one has been able to beat. He played for five different teams during his time playing professional ball.   He was able to seal  30 wins five seasons. He pitched 7,355 innings completed 749 games, 511 wins, 316 losses, 2,803 strike outs, and 3 no hitters. Just to show you how durable he was Walter Johnson is rated the second best pitcher of all times and Young still has 94 wins on him. In 1903, he won two games in the first modern World Series to help Boston to the championship. He was rated in 1999 as the 14 best baseball player ever (out of 100). 

He died in 1955 (88 years old) and a year later the Cy Young Award was created to honor the previous season’s best pitcher.

Here is a list of the most recent winners of the CY Young award….

2011: Justin Verlander, Detroit Tigers

2010: Felix Hernandez, Seattle Mariners

2009: Zack Greinke, Kansas City Royals

2008: Cliff Lee, Cleveland Indians

2007: C.C. Sabathia, Cleveland Indians

2006: Johan Santana, Minnesota Twins

2005: Bartolo Colon, Los Angeles Angels

2004: Johan Santana, Minnesota Twins

2003: Roy Halladay, Toronto Blue Jays

2002: Barry Zito, Oakland A’s

2001: Roger Clemens, New York Yankees

2000: Pedro Martinez, Boston Red Sox

1999: Pedro Martinez, Boston Red Sox

1998: Roger Clemens, Toronto Blue Jays

1997: Roger Clemens, Toronto Blue Jays

1996: Pat Hentgen, Toronto Blue Jays

1995: Randy Johnson, Seattle Mariners

1994: David Cone, Kansas City Royals

1993: Jack McDowell, Chicago White Sox

1992: Dennis Eckersley, Oakland A’s

1991: Roger Clemens, Boston Red Sox

1990: Bob Welch, Oakland A’s

1989: Bret Saberhagen, Kansas City Royals

1988: Frank Viola, Minnesota Twins

1987: Roger Clemens, Boston Red Sox

1986: Roger Clemens, Boston Red Sox