Adam Greenberg is the Cubs OF who was hit in the head by a pitch and has never returned to baseball since. Well Adam is trying to make a comeback. He is willing to do whatever needs to be done to make his MLB comeback possible. This means he’s going along with a filmmaker’s website and video about his desire to get back to the big leagues after one fateful plate appearance gone wrong.”I’m not a charity case; I’ve played 10 professional baseball seasons,” Greenberg, 31, said in a phone call from Connecticut. “Everyone needs a shot, whether it’s in high school or college or in your minor league career. Everyone needs one. How it comes doesn’t matter. What you do on the field propels you there.”

In an email to the Chicago Tribune, Cubs general manager Jed Hoyer said they aren’t looking at granting Greenberg his wish. But Greenberg isn’t just looking for an at-bat. He just wants a shot at affiliated baseball again.

“The best-case scenario is someone takes notice and says, ‘Let’s bring him to spring training and see if he can still play and bring something to our organization,’ ” Greenberg said.