The end of the baseball season is the best time of the year! With awards and titles being given out heated debates are sure to flare up! Cy Young is one of those heated debates going on now. Here is my opinion on the 2012 CY Young…..

My favorite pitchers to watch in action this season had to be Jered Weaver, Chris Sale, David Price, Justin Verlander, R.A Dickey, Felix Hernadez, Clayton Kershaw. All did a amazing job this season! I have my personal favorite highlights for each pitcher this season but the winner to me has to be Verlander with 180 strike outs his performance overall this season has been dangerous for opposing teams. With a 2.74 ERA (15-8) Verlander has had the stronger season this year.

It’s a tight race but the deciding factor for me will come down to the last month in a half of baseball left. 

I am always open to hear your views, you know me I keep things short and simple. Comment below with your arguments.